About CDA

The Christen Democratisch Appèl (CDA), best translated in English as “the Call of Christian Democracy”, is one of the political parties that has left a strong impact on Dutch politics and society in the twentieth century. It has a distinctive view of the person and the society in which the welfare of people and their communities plays a central role. 

The different communities are made up of the people who are responsible for all aspects of this world. The family, the school, the neighborhood, the association; they form the backbone of our society, of the Netherlands.

What does CDA oppose?

 1)    No decline of our care system

Collaboration with other municipals is needed. However, too large organizations are not beneficial. We utilize the power of the society and guard the Wageningen standards for good care. 

2)  No wind mills in the Uiterwaarden

The muncipality studies the possibilities of placing wind mills in the nature reserve Uiterwaarden. Hundreds of families will suffer from the noise and other negative effects of these wind mills. We propose to place solar panels at schools instead.

3) No expensive city hall during the financial crisis

The municipal spends 12 million on rebuilding the city hall. The financial risks are enormous. Good housing is important, but it is more wise to wait until there is enough money again.

 4)  Stop the decline of shops

The solution is not to open shops seven days a week. Small shopkeepers cannot work 24/7. Better parking facilities and reconstruction of the Wageningen canal are more beneficial. The same holds for a lively, distinctive, and attractive city centre 

5) No more traffic jams in the morning and afternoon peak

Stimulating people to travel by bicycle by having a good bicycle infrastructure is very important. However, accessibility of Wageningen by car is also essential for the university, companies and tourism. So solve the traffic jams now!

6) No undeveloped land in the city

The Wageningse Berg,De Stadsbrink, the Lawickse Allee, and the Marijkeweg are all city entrances which are unsightly areas. They need to be transformed into eye catchers of the city.

CDA Wageningen goes for

optimal collaboration with citizens, companies, and the municipality. Collaboration where everyone participates and takes responsibility for themselves and others.

Choose wise on March 19 and vote Yes! for Wageningen


De twaalf provinciale afdelingen vormen de schakel tussen de gemeentelijke afdelingen en het landelijke bestuur.