Municipal elections

CDA stands for Christian Democratic Appeal.

Our four main ideals are : shared responsibility, stewardship, justice and solidarity. Shared responsibility refers to the way society should function. Every person should take individual responsibility where possible in conjunction with government- and social institutions such as churches and unions.

With stewardship we take a supervisory role in the way we should treat our planet. TheEarth is a gift to mankind and it is our responsibility to hand it over to the next generations in good shape.

Justice means a government that is trustworthy at every level. It guaranties the implementation of the laws based on our norms and values, but also sets clear boundaries where needed.

Solidarity which creates involvement between young and old, people with different social- and cultural backgrounds , the healthy and the sick.

The CDA is a partner in the coalition that governs the Netherlands and is represented in the European Parliament.

The CDA Hilversum branch is a local party with the right national- and European connections. It helps to get things done. We already made a significant contribution as an executive member of the City Counsel. For the coming period of 2018 to 2022 we intend to make Hilversum an even better place to live.

What does that mean for you;

  • A safe and pleasant living environment for you and your family.
  • Accessible primary- and secondary multilingual education.
  • Sports- and recreational facilities in a city surrounded by well-maintained nature reserves.
  • Improved access tot a vibrant city centre with ample shopping- and entertainment facilities.
  • First class public transportation and a safe network of cycle paths for bikers.
  • Commitment to renewable energy and curtailing availability of recreational drugs.


De twaalf provinciale afdelingen vormen de schakel tussen de gemeentelijke afdelingen en het landelijke bestuur.