Noor Al Awamra from Jordan

What does Democracy mean to you?

Democracy Is a form of governance, whereby a government has a clear constitution guarantees rights of individuals and free elections to reflect the people’s will in addition to independent judicial authority.

How do you describe Democracy in your country? 

My country is a semi-democratic state; political parties are allowed; however, many issues are still hindering activating the role of political parties and encouraging people to join these parties. In addition to that, we are still struggling to get our rights fairly and in full rights. The most straightforward example of our current issue is: The widespread unemployment in Jordan. 

What developments do you see that are shaping democracy, in a positive or negative way, in your country?

A political development I see happening in my country is: political pluralism. That means having political parties from across the spectrum that are active on the ground, in addition to that we are also having institutions and community bodies that safeguard and embrace the democracy in our country. 

What do you like about politics and what motivates you to work in politics? 

Politics is the key to development, moving forward and thriving. Our involvement as individuals in politics are, making and engaging in the decision-making process. These involvements are key to making the change we aspire and want for our future. 

What is the political accomplishment that motivates you the most to be engaged in politics? 

What motivates me the most is having our youth and women in the position of making decisions. My biggest accomplisment is participating as a candidate in the elections in March 2022. We hope that our local councils will be technical councils with politically educated young people who are able to lead us into the next stage, for not only our but also their future.

What kind of support you or youth may need in your country? 

The youth in my country do need a lot more political empowerment, they need the community to believe in them and believe that they are able to make the change. The youth need to gain cultural and political experiences from other democratic countries, this way they can reflect and learn better on what they can do in their country, and this way we encourage them to participate in political parties. We need to active parties to provide a clear agenda and programme, so the young people can participate. 

What is the added value of the training programs organized by the political organizations in your country? 

I believe that the value of these trainings are empowering the youth and individuals on a intellectual, scientifical, and cultural level. The trainings are building our capacities to engage in political life and gives us more access in to the decision making positions

What is the thing you want to change in your country? 

We all hope that our local councils, and decision-making mechanisms will have more young people involved, who are capable of changing and become leaders. We reiterate that by our youth, by youth we mean, the young people who are aware of our political situation and have a strong grasp of politics, culture, and education.

Noor Al Awamra - June 2022

IRI/EFF training on political empowerment of women: How to be a good council member part ||


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