On Wednesday, March 15, we go to the polls again. For the provincial parliaments, but we can also vote for our representatives in the Water Boards, or Water Councils (Dutch: Waterschap). Water is important for all of us, for our welfare and our economy, especially in the Netherlands. To ensure a bright future with clean water for the Netherlands, CDA wants to focus on the following three points:

  1. Reliable and safe water
  2. Water safety around our lakes, rivers and canals
  3. Involved and shared water policy

Reliable and safe water

Clean water is important for people and nature. We provide that clean water while managing to do so without breaking the bank for our inhabitants and businesses.

Through innovation and the recovery of raw materials, we ensure that clean water will still be affordable many years from now.

Water safety around our lakes, rivers and canals

Water safety is number one for all water boards. We ensure that dunes and dikes are maintained. The CDA wants your home or business premises to be safe, whether the water is high or low. Together we work to ensure that our children, grandchildren and we ourselves can live and work in the Netherlands without concern for water safety.

Involved and shared water policy

The water boards belong to all of us. The CDA wants everyone to know how important it is that we have enough clean and safe water. Anyone is therefore invited to visit the water board and think along with our local teams. We also want to use farmers; knowledge about caring for water.

Especially in a world of climate change, water boards have an important role to play. Together with residents and entrepreneurs our water boards take the lead in ensuring clean water to drink and safe rivers and lakes. To make sure that we have good places to live work and enjoy water sports. Now and in the future.

Vote 15 March CDA for a reliable, affordable and involved water authority.

CDA Regiotour Noord-Holland


De twaalf provinciale afdelingen vormen de schakel tussen de gemeentelijke afdelingen en het landelijke bestuur.