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Based on our awareness of the bond between the generations, the CDA feels responsible for protecting our natural and cultural heritage.

We feel that, since we inherited the natural environment and our culture from our ancestors and are borrowing it from future generations, we must look beyond our own interests and our own era, including in the financial domein, in how we treat nature and culture. Management and governance are not enough: in order to leave behind a better society, we also need creativity and innovation.

Shared responsibility
The State should only take responsibility for what others are unable to accomplish. CDA believes that politics starts with recognising public initiative. People, neighbourhoods, sports clubs, schools, churches, mosques, health institutions and companies: they all make a unique contribution to society

The government instils in all these different individuals and organisations the confidence that they are doing what they can; citizens, for their part, grant their government the freedom to fulfil its duties. This type of trust fosters closeness and community spirit and gives people confidence in their own professional abilities.

Public justice
The CDA considers the rule of law to be an indispensable requisite to the protection of human dignity

The government has a special duty when it comes to caring for those who are vulnerable and dependent. The government’s role is to make it possible for all of us to live together. A strict and reliable government that sets boundaries and fights injustice is required in order to enable all the good that people can achieve in society.

People depend on each other; it takes concerned and committed citizens to strengthen community ties.

There must be involvement between generations and socioeconomic status. We don't live solely for our benefit, we live our lives by sharing it with others. Government is the basis of social security: securing healthcare, education and income for all, all the while still remaining sight on the individual. The CDA considers mutual involvement to be of the utmost.

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Our international candidates

Miriam Frosi #4 

Miriam Frosi was born in Milan, Italy. In 2001, she moved to Eindhoven because she had found love here. She is now the proud mother of 3 sons and she works as financial manager for Rijkswaterstaat. She is also a board member of footbal club EMK Nuenen. In the last 4 years, Miriam was financial council committee member for the CDA Eindhoven. For more information, please watch the video on the right! 

Elena Digirolamo #10

Elena Digirolamo is from Italy as well. After her study in Milan, she gained experience in both small high-tech businesses (Micromec, Italy; Shapeways, Netherlands) and large corporations (Philips, Netherlands). She is committed to serve the expat community in Eindhoven within the municipal politics! 

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