Our international representatives

Miriam Frosi - Member of city councel 

Miriam Frosi was born in Milan, Italy. In 2001, she moved to Eindhoven where she lives with her husband and her sons. She works as innovation manager for Rijkswaterstaat. She is a networker, she loves being and listening to the people. As she also grew up in another country Miriam knows how hard it can be to settle down in a new city, in a new culture.
Internationals (expats, student, refugees) have to feel like home in Eindhoven. Here fore she is working really hard. Eindhoven has to communicate in English to be inclusive!
She is keen to improve safety, sports and social cohesion in the city and connect locals to Internationals. In the last 4 years, Miriam was elected as councilor. She created the first local Hotline labour Exploitation; she improved one of the worst street of the Netherlands close to the rail, giving houses a good isolation and give gratis basic hygiene products to vulnerable citizen yes. She creates an International platform ‘feel home in Eindhoven’ for internationals. Miriam gives voice to the voiceless, connects people and find together with the citizens a solution for social problems. Miriam is also the financial expert.
Every Wednesday is Miriam available for a talk, the coffee is ready.

Elena Digirolamo - Member of the board/ treasurer

I was born and raised in Milan. There I studied physics and worked in business. In recent years I have increasingly focused on education, coaching and personal development. My ambition is therefore to be involved as a councilor with education and also with entrepreneurship/business. Finally, internationalization is something that really appeals to me.

In front of you is the election programme of CDA Eindhoven. In this document, we will describe our ideas and positions on tackling the big and small challenges in our municipality.

We want:

  1. Affordable housing for first-time buyers and families. House prices are sky-high and the waiting lists for social housing are extremely long. Moreover, many people do not qualify for social housing but cannot afford the high rents in the ‘open market’ as well. First-time buyers and young families in particular fall through the cracks of the system. We do see high-rise buildings in the city centre as part of the solution, but not everyone wants to live high up in a small flat or studio. Efforts should also be made in building outside the city centre. Especially in the middle segment for rentals and the lower segment of properties for sale.
  2. Quality districts where you can live pleasantly. A large part of our daily lives takes place in our neighbourhood. This is where we live, go to school, do our shopping, exercise, visit to the community centre, do our daily walk, or let the dog walk. In some districs, however, the quality of life is under severe pressure and residents seem to agree with themselves to the idea that it will never get better. That should not be acceptable. The municipality must not look away from the problems but tackle them at the source. This way people can also live comfortably in the districts affected. In the districts where things are going 'well', the municipality is encouraged keep investing, because otherwise they might deteriorate later.
  3. Smooth and safe from A to B. Traffic jams, congestions or buses that run infrequently… For years, Eindhoven has been difficult to reach. And that is frustrating when you are commuting to work or want to go home swiftly after work. We want to be an accessible municipality and city, where everyone can get from A to B smoothly and safely, on foot, by bike, by public transport or by car. We believe in a better flow of car traffic on the ring road and highways. At the same time, we opt for more bike lanes, a safe environment for pedestrians and more frequent buses through the city.
  4. A caring and healthy city. Exercise and sports are good for body and mind. A healthy lifestyle leads to a longer life and prevents many diseases. Since prevention is more important than cure, we stimulate our residents to get and stay in motion. And if residents do need care, we are there with a helping hand. This people-centred approach is what we adhere. Let US be more important than ME.

In addition to these four major challenges, we do of course have a vision on numerous other important themes, which can be found in one of the 13 chapters below. Each chapter begins with a brief introduction. Thereafter, we elaborate on our ideas in detail.

The municipality of Eindhoven should not only solve the big challenges, but also give ear to the smaller problems in the diverse districts of our city. Therefore, in the second part of this election programme, we also pay attention to area-specific problems in each part of the city and propose possible solutions at the same time.

CDA Eindhoven is more than ready to tackle the small and big challenges the city is facing. Full of energy and determination, we want to roll up our sleeves. We show courage, we act as we said we would. We stand up for our residents who want to live pleasantly and who, by carrying out our plans, will hopefully be even prouder to be an ‘Eindhovenaar’.

I hope you all enjoy reading our plans.

If there are any questions? Please do not hesitate to reach out.

On behalf of team CDA Eindhoven,

Remco van Dooren, your leading candidate


De twaalf provinciale afdelingen vormen de schakel tussen de gemeentelijke afdelingen en het landelijke bestuur.