Who we are

We are the Christian Democratic Party, a center-right party. We don’t just look for free market neither for a government that solves every problem, but our focus is the society as a whole. A party for communities.
Our principels are: solidarity, spread responsibility, public justice and stewardship.

We think that citizens are responsible for their own environment. Decision-making should be as close as possible to the people and involve citizens communities and organisations In short:
Less bureaucracy, less individualism, more attention for the community! (For more information: click here.) 

CDA Eindhoven will work in the coming years on making Eindhoven financially healthy again, better accessible and safe. We want to make Eindhoven a city where everyone feels at home.

A city where we can live affordably, happily and with respect for each other’s values and beliefs. We will fight for a sustainable city that we can pass on to our children!

For more information about the political system, TU/e Industrial Design student Eva de Bruijn has made this short presentation, in which the system is explained. 

Our international candidates

Miriam Frosi #4 

Miriam Frosi was born in Milan, Italy. In 2001, she moved to Eindhoven because she had found love here. She is now the proud mother of 3 sons and she works as financial manager for Rijkswaterstaat. She is also a board member of footbal club EMK Nuenen. In the last 4 years, Miriam was financial council committee member for the CDA Eindhoven. For more information, please watch the video on the right! 

Elena Digirolamo #10

Elena Digirolamo is from Italy as well. After her study in Milan, she gained experience in both small high-tech businesses (Micromec, Italy; Shapeways, Netherlands) and large corporations (Philips, Netherlands). She is committed to serve the expat community in Eindhoven within the municipal politics! 

Questions? Please contact us!

Uw gegevens

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