Our vision for Hilversum


Hilversum is a wonderful place to live. Its beautiful monuments, green character and high level of facilities appeal to us all. Young and old(er).  Hilversum is a city with a village-like, surrounded by forest and heathland. The famous architect Dudok designed Hilversum to be a garden city, combining neighborhoods and parks into one seamless design. Hilversum is truly a one-of-a-kind village. However, nowadays these unique characteristics and qualities are under pressure. Nationwide problems such as unaffordable housing, the pressure on health care and increasing levels of loneliness, find their way into Hilversum. Moreover, climate change (as global concern) also has its impact on a city like Hilversum

We firmly believe that we can change these tidings. Our elections program is focused on choosing hope over pessimism, nurturing confidence rather than mistrust and increasing solidarity over individualism. This program describes our vision on enhancing our garden city’s unique qualities and how to withstand undesirable developments. We do this based on our conviction that politics starts with the recognition of social initiative. That a government should facilitate all people and organizations so that they can participate. Trust is key.

We will utilize the engagement of our citizens to strengthen our bonds. When confronted with another one’s ill fate, it’s simply impossible to stand idly by. Our city council should embrace the ‘menselijke maat’ (a more humane dimension) and approach its citizens in this manner.

CDA Hilversum feels an obligation for stewardship: to care for nature and culture based on our recognition of an intergenerational connection. This requires that we look beyond our own self-interest and beyond today. We protect everything of value in order to leave a better society for generations to come.

Based on our belief that a rapid increase in the number of inhabitants causes a tremendous burden on society and on nature, CDA Hilversum opts for autonomous growth. We will build new homes for existing Hilversum residents, employees in crucial professions and for people who have a social or economic bond with Hilversum. Apartment buildings are a necessity to accommodate such growth without harming our precious nature. However, we cherish our unique 'illusion landscape' and in order to preserve such, we will allow large apartment buildings only around the central station

Providing a promising local business climate is also beneficial for Hilversum. Local entrepreneurs provide livelihood and connection, employment as well as a thriving local economy. In this way, they contribute greatly to our society. To support our local entrepreneurs, we advocate, among other things, accessibility and good parking facilities.

Based on eight themes, we describe our vision and identify concrete actions. We have utilized our vast experience and dedication in setting up these themes. With this program, we will make a meaningful contribution to Hilversum, for today and for tomorrow. Where trust wins over mistrust and hope over pessimism.

CDA Hilversum

Reliable Hilversum

In recent years, at a national level, confidence in government has fallen drastically and dissatisfaction with policies has increased. This is a worrying development and hurts overall confidence in politics. For CDA Hilversum, politics starts with the recognition of social initiative. People, neighbourhoods, sports clubs, schools, churches, mosques, healthcare institutions, cultural organisations, companies: they all have their unique contribution to society. The government will provide all those people and organisations with trust, so they may continue to do what they do best. The city council’s role is to serve. CDA Hilversum firmly supports the rule of law as an indispensable condition to protect society’s heart. The government is there to make living together possible for all of us. A reliable government, a council with integrity, sets clear boundaries and gives people security. The government will also fight injustice, and in doing so it must always act in a just manner. We govern with our head and with our heart and we serve society.

Caring Hilversum

Loneliness grows, year after year. 1 in 9 Hilversummers now feels seriously lonely. There is not enough room in nursing homes and older, vulnerable residents are forced to move out of their beloved Hilversum. The number of young people requiring permanent care is increasing hand in hand with longer waiting lists for proper care. We are deeply convinced that this can and must be done differently. We have to do it together. Caring for one another means looking out for one another.

Sustainable Hilversum

The pressure on nature is increasing. Cities are getting warmer. Heat, drought and flooding are occurring more frequently, biodiversity is declining and CO² emissions are not decreasing rapidly enough. This is why something has to be done. We want to expand nature both within the town centre and within the neighbourhoods. We use sustainable materials when building homes and we encourage existing homes to be better insulated. The city council will facilitate this transition. Force is not the best means of making Hilversummers more climate-friendly. We believe that Hilversummers should be able to make their own choices.

Unique Hilversum

We cherish the values of our garden city. This means that from the heath you only have a view of the tower of the Vituskerk and the Omroeptoren. We build what suits the character of Hilversum and we mainly build for Hilversummers. We advocate priority in housing for education and care professionals and care providers. In our opinion, the current increase in land and housing prices should not lead to a situation whereby social housing is limited to apartment blocks

Safe Hilversum

CDA Hilversum stands for safe and clean neighbourhoods, where the neighbourhood has a say in measures to improve road safety and noise pollution from scooters or cars is actively combated. Where loitering youth are addressed and perspective is offered. We also firmly stand with our flourishing neighbourhood shopping centres. These centres are indispensable for improving our livelihood. We value the role of the community police officer in our neighbourhoods and villages. As the eyes and ears of the neighbourhood, community police officers must actually be present and approachable in the neighbourhood.


Entrepreneurial Hilversum

When entrepreneurs are given the freedom to do business, when innovative ideas are allowed to grow, and when neighbourhood shopping centres are given the opportunity to distinguish themselves from online competitors, Hilversum will become the place to live and work. Stimulating (social) entrepreneurship is an important task for the municipality. Knowing that the local government cannot control the market, entrepreneurs can however be given a hand by the local government. For example, we are thinking of creating places where start-ups and freelancers can get a (work) place, but also of optimal accessibility.

Healthy Hilversum

A healthy city offers an environment for pleasant, healthy and safe living and working, which invites recreation, meeting and activity. Hilversum's health can be improved in many ways. Among other things, by improving the living environment, for example through good environmental quality, but also through sufficient facilities that invite healthy behaviour such as walking and cycling. Not everyone is able to make a well-considered healthy choice, for example due to their socio-economic position. We fight inequality of opportunity. CDA Hilversum wants to make Hilversum the healthiest city in the Netherlands.

Cultural Hilversum

These are turbulent times for the cultural sector. Government subsidies are no longer a given. Municipalities have to make significant cutbacks. In addition, culture is quickly put under the magnifying glass, an art budget is simply more abstract than a construction budget. But a healthy art and culture climate is indispensable for Hilversum. Art, theatre, music, dance and film make cities more beautiful and pleasant. The successful cities of tomorrow are the cities that can continue to attract and challenge people. Art and culture function as a magnet in this respect.


De twaalf provinciale afdelingen vormen de schakel tussen de gemeentelijke afdelingen en het landelijke bestuur.