A healthy city offers an environment for pleasant, healthy and safe living and working, which invites recreation, meeting and activity. Hilversum's health can be improved in many ways. Among other things, by improving the living environment, for example through good environmental quality, but also through sufficient facilities that invite healthy behaviour such as walking and cycling. Not everyone is able to make a well-considered healthy choice, for example due to their socio-economic position. We fight inequality of opportunity. CDA Hilversum wants to make Hilversum the healthiest city in the Netherlands.

In the coming years, CDA Hilversum will focus on:

  • Reducing poverty and combating inequality of opportunity.
  • Healthy on the bike. That is why, where possible, the bicycle is given priority.
  • Invest in exercise in public space and in associations for young and old!
  • Room for initiatives that encourage healthy living.
  • Room for meaning in our health policy.


Sport makes people move, but it also connects people. Sport is therefore also a weapon against loneliness.

We strengthen associations and want more facilities for sports and exercise in public space. This could also include a combination of sports and play facilities. Investing in sport is investing in a healthy society.

We offer easily accessible sports and exercise activities in the neighbourhood for people who do no or little exercise due to poverty or other impediments. Every child should be able to obtain a swimming diploma and participate in a sporting activity. We want to encourage target groups that have little affinity with sports to take up sports.

We want to bring the Youth Fund for Sports and Culture more firmly to the attention of parents with limited financial means to encourage sports and exercise for their children.

We ensure that the neighbourhood sports coaches can continue to do their job. We also provide sports fields and green playgrounds in the neighbourhood.

We pay attention to maintaining and making sports facilities more sustainable. Sports facilities must be safe and easily accessible and safe. Deferred maintenance needs to be addressed. We use multifunctional sports facilities for the neighbourhood.

We are committed to a safe sports climate so that everyone can exercise. In addition, we promote the appointment of confidential counsellors at sports associations.

Where possible, we promote contacts between sports associations and other social organizations such as educational, care and youth institutions and the safety houses. We encourage intensive cooperation between sports associations.

The municipality should encourage widely accessible and local sporting events in Hilversum.

Once every two years, the municipality organises Neighbourhood Games with various partners. During these neighbourhood games, neighbourhoods compete with each other in various sporting aspects. The best neighbourhood can call itself the sportiest neighbourhood in Hilversum for two years and will receive a budget for a healthy, sporting impulse in the neighbourhood.­

CDA Hilversum wants major cycling races such as the Giro d'Italia, Vuelta or Tour de France to also pass through Hilversum.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Alcohol and Drug Policy

Alcohol abuse and use among minors are actively combated. We want to encourage school boards in Hilversum to make information about drug use compulsory in schools.

Within the municipal boundaries of Hilversum, we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drug dealers. In consultation with the police, the municipality is looking into possibilities to tackle the drug nuisance caused by drug dealers.

We do not want coffee shops in child-friendly neighbourhoods and within a radius of 500 meters from an educational institution. Our ambition remains to have coffee shops completely disappear from Hilversum

The CDA Hilversum is in favour of a ban on the use of nitrous oxide. Schools and social institutions involved should be encouraged to provide information about the use of nitrous oxide.

We are against the municipality of Hilversum starting to grow soft drugs on an experimental basis. Finally, the municipality does not make or sell cigarettes.


De twaalf provinciale afdelingen vormen de schakel tussen de gemeentelijke afdelingen en het landelijke bestuur.