10 maart 2019

Working together on clean surface water for humans and animals!

 Our key message in the elections.

1. Our political party, the CDA with the representation in the board of the Amstel Gooi and Vecht water authority, will continue to work for a sustainable, climate-proof water management, with more surface water of 'swimming water quality'. We have to prevent litter. In particular, plastic litter and clean up the plastic soup. We are working on improving fish stock levels.

2. By recovering raw materials and energy, we want to prevent waste and carry out our tasks more cost efficient.

3. Ensuring safe dikes has priority over topics such as recreation and nature policy.

4. We would like water authority taxes to increase on a limited scale yearly. With the remission policy, we want to continue to refrain from burdening the lowest income groups.

5. Cooperation and communication with residents, businesses and municipalities from the water authority must be further improved.

6. The CDA has always opted for lowering water levels, “level follows function,” to facilitate the use of the land for agriculture and other purposes. To curb soil subsidence, this will not be possible in the long run. The CDA wants a gradual transition, for implementing and experimenting with new techniques that should lead to effective measures. The management of the level of the water must remain in line with the function that provinces and municipalities have established for a specific area. (If the designated areas is 'nature', that’s fine, but water levels may not rise in areas for living, working, infrastructure and agriculture).

7. With more space for water storage, we are prepared for climate change (climate adaptation), both in the city and beyond, so that extreme rainfall will lead to less flooding.

8. The water authority must also ensure sufficient fresh water in dry times and must prevent salinization.

9. Natural areas must also be accessible for you to enjoy.

10. Less regulation and more faith in the residents of our water service area.

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De twaalf provinciale afdelingen vormen de schakel tussen de gemeentelijke afdelingen en het landelijke bestuur.